L’Oreal Féria Pastel Toning Conditioner

11606 Preference wild ombre– shade2_OL

Everywhere you look in fashion and the celebrity world you will find hair that has pastel colours, from Kelly Osbourne to Cara Delevingne, who’s hair was a fantastic pastel violet colour for a fashion editorial recently. Even Dame Helen Mirren went pink for The BAFTAs recently. So ladies age is not an issue here!

EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsKreiss 75th Anniversary Celebration, Los Angeles, America - 19 Apr 2012

Before now it was a big ordeal to have the pastel toner applied to your hair, having to book into your salon to get it applied. L’Oreal Féria have made it super easy for you to do it at home they have launched three pastel toners suitable for home use. Your hair does need to be a light blonde colour or a perfect white grey to achieve the pastel tones. There are three shades, Pink Panther, Lilac Lavender and Peach Punch. My favourite is Lilac Lavender, I think it will suit Irish skin tones most. They couldn’t be easier to use, all you need to do is shampoo your hair as normal, apply the pastel toning conditioner and leave in for 15 minutes. If you fancy a slight hint of a pastel tone to your hair you could leave the product in for less time. The conditioner has a pearl effect ingredient that gives your hair a great shine. The tone and shine will last from 3 to 5 washes, so it is not a big commitment.


They are available now nationwide and cost €12.19 , you should get multiple uses out of each pack. Enjoy your lilac hair!

Leonard x

11606 Preference wild ombre– shade2_OL



  1. I personally don’t like that brand. My preference is to get manic panic and mix conditioner with it to get the tone you want.

  2. I tried this (call it my mid life crisis) and I was so disappointed I got a better result when I accidently dyed my hair pink with a hint of a tint when I was 16. total rubbish. which was probably a good thing

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