What’s on my desk

I write about what I use in work all the time, and very rarely write about what I use on a daily basis. I was sitting at my desk this afternoon researching for a post and I realised that I have great products at my fingertips, literally, at all times!


I have two types of hand cream, as you know a gays hands can never be too soft!! I am in love with two kinds so I always have these particular kinds at my desk, I have others in the kitchen and bathrooms but that’s a whole different post!! The ones that I have here are Yonka Repairing Hand Cream and This Works Perfect Hands. The Yonka one is a wonderfully rich hand cream, made with shea butter, essential oils and vitamins and is the perfect treat for dry hands. This hand cream is mega moisturising and 97% of the ingredients are from a natural origin. The This Works one has the most amazing smell as it is blended with Rose, Mimosa and Musk Mallow, this is is hydrating but also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.


Of course I have a small tube of Eight Hour Cream on my desk for my lips and any other areas that may need it, I also have a Nuxe lip balm on hand which has a lovely taste and really hydrates your lips.



I have Take Shelter from Philosophy on my desk, which protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays, it has SPF 30 which is pa+++ which basicilly means that you’re protected against both harmful rays in equal amounts. If your sunscreen does not have pa+++, broad spectrum or full spectrum written on them you are not protecting your skin. If you only use SPF in your moisturiser or foundation make sure that it says one of those three phrases, because if it does not you are not protected. I also have a Génific HD serum from Lancôme Men on the desk for when I forget to put it on upstairs.



I also have a room fragrance that I love on my desk, it is from Jo Malone, and a few years ago it was discontinued, when I was told that it was going to be gone I purchased as many as I could, I am on the last one now and it’s more than half gone, so I guess I will have to find a replacement! It’s called Blue Agave, a super floral scent.


Of course I have a bottle of my fragrance, Jasmin Rouge from Tom Ford, which I couldn’t be without. The good people at Tom Ford are soon launching a mens skincare range, I have no details as yet but as soon as I get them I will let you all know!


I also have a dry body oil from Roger & Galliet that I got in the Beauty Hall in Marks & Spencer which has the most subtle scent that does not affect your fragrance but gives your skin a lovely hit of moisture and leaves a beautiful sheen on your skin.


While I am applying all of these lotions and potions, while I should be writing, I generally am listening to my favourite album, Sing by Maria Doyle Kennedy, which you can purchase here, she’s so freaking talented it’s unreal!! And while I listen to Maria I generally tend to be looking at my Helen Steele instead of writing! So that’s the reason that I may not post as much as I would like, I am either too busy rubbing the lotion, singing along to MDK or staring lovingly at my Helen Steele painting|!


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