Being a Makeup Artist

I think it’s rare that people LOVE their job, I am one of those people who adores going to work! Sadly, I am happiest when my diary is full and I have no time for myself, nothing makes me happier than painting a face. I love every part of my job, from shopping for new products (which I do way too much!) to putting a red lip on a client who has never tried it before just to see their reaction. Another part of the job that I love is the chats that you have while doing someone’s makeup, a lot of barriers are broken as you are really in somebody’s personal space, so you end up having lovely chats about everything! Of course weddings are a top topic at the moment because of my pending nuptials!

Of course the best thing about my job is seeing how you can change somebody’s opinion of themselves, you can make their eye colour really stand out, make their nose appear smaller/wider, make their skin look perfect, lips look bigger really the list is endless. For me makeup is all smoke and mirrors, you make others believe that you have things that you don’t (razor sharp cheekbones) and you delete the things that you do have (nasty hormonal breakout). Nothing is better than seeing a client looking at themselves and thinking that they look hot!
Makeup by Zöe Clark

In the past few years there has been a huge amount of schools that you can attend to become a makeup artist opening. For me if I was to be at the beginning my career I would be very fussy about where I would go to learn, the most important thing for me would be getting a teacher that currently works in the fashion industry. Many people always ask me where they should go to become a makeup artist, my answer is always the same: Zoe Clark. Zoe has been working in the fashion industry in Ireland and internationally for years, her work has appeared in thousands of magazines, most recently for Vogue Japan. For me I think that it is so important to learn from someone who is doing the work that you would like to do sometime. Zoe has been teaching for years, I used to teach with her about 800 years ago in the Face Stockholm school of makeup in town. In the past few months Zoe has moved her school to Vedas Beauty Salon, 19 Georges Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. There are lots of courses available, from beginner to advanced fashion and beauty. I know that there is one place left on a beginners course starting this weekend. Class places are limited to ensure that you receive personal tutition when you’re on the course.

Makeup by Zöe Clark

More information is available on the website

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