Forever Light Creator

Last month I was invited to the press launch of Forever Light Creator from YSL Beauté. You can’t imagine my excitement when I was told that there would be a Professor of Dermatology from Bradford University there to discuss the independant study that his lab conducted using this new product from YSL Beauté. I love nothing better than hearing a scientist talking about how a product works. I totally understand that I am possibly in the minority here, but I really love hearing how products work, and what effect they have on your skin from the inside-out.


I have been using it for the past few weeks and I have noticed a difference in how my skin looks. Now for the science: a committee of experts at YSL Beauté are using Glycobiology, as they did in their previoious Forever Youth Liberator Serum which was launched in 2011, but this time they have got deeper into the cells to pinpoint and identify the role of glycans in 3 different types of cells. They have discovered that the three glycan cells that they have pinpointed have an impact on small wrinkles, pores, age spots, redness and also they can make your skin appear dull. So Forever Light Creator works at the cellular level so you skin improves, reducing redness, age spots, fine lines, large pores it even makes your skin appear more radiant. The star of this serum is Glycanactif WTTM which is dedicated specificlly to the Forever Light Range, this magical ingredient was presented at the ESDR (European Society of Dermatological Research) 2012 Congress in Venice.


The Forever Light skincare range has been designed to tackle the majority of what we dislike about our skin as we age, and amazingly it works on all races. It’s rare to find a skincare system that will work as well for Asian skin and for caucasian skin for instance, but as this works so deep inside your skin, I really think that no matter where we come from we generally have the same issues with our skin as we age.

There are three products in the range, Forever Light Creator Serum which comes in two sizes, 30ml – €46.40 and 50ml – €102.10, Forever Light Creator Milky Emulsion – €45.00 and Forever Light Creator Lotion – €45.00. The range is available exclusively in Brown Thomas until July 10th and will be available nationwide from then.


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