Chanel’s new skincare system

Chanel are launching a new skin care system on July 19th, the first of its kind this system includes a weekend cream for your skin. There are three products in the range, all of which do very different jobs, but all of them are vital to transform your skin!

LE JOUR €75.00, LA NUIT - €75.00. LE WEEKEND €90.00


LE JOUR DE CHANEL a day cream which contains salicylic acid, which is wonderful for your skin and paticularly if you suffer from breakouts. The salicylic acid also helps to minimise pores while gently exfoliating your skin. Your complexion will gradually appear smoother and more radiant. It also contains Jasmine extract which invigorates the skin while also smelling amazing!!

LE NUIT DE CHANEL is designed to soothe and moisturise skin, it has hyaluronic acid which helps restore the skin’s plumpness and hydration. It also has Frankincense extract which calms your skin and helps prepare it for the overnight repair.

LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL is the star of the three products, if you can only afford to buy one of the products this is the one that will make the biggest difference to your skin. You only use this product at the weekend. This product contains my favourite ingredient ever in skin care, Glycolic Acid and it also contains rose water which gives it its wonderful scent. What these two ingredients will do is gradually exfoliate your skin while also making sure that your skin is hydrated. As always there are guidelines to usinging a product with Glycolic acid, you may feel a slight tingling sensation (perfectly normal), do not use close to your eyes, do not use in irriated skin and your skin will be more sensitive to sun damage so be sure to use an SPF every day. You use LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL for two consecutive days per week, over a 1 month period.

The products will be available from July 19th. LE JOUR DE CHANEL will cost €75.00, LE NUIT DE CHANEL will cost €75.00 and LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL will cost €90.00. For a limited time you can get all three products in a set for €220.00.




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