Full range- Inecto PCO  2012

On a recent trip up North to visit the in-laws, I of course found myself in Sainsbury’s checking out the bargains. I found a coconut shower on sale so I decided to buy it. It was on sale for £1 so it wasn’t going to break the bank. When I got back to my mother in-laws I read the packaging and realised that the company uses pure coconut oil which really excited me. Coconut oil is for sure the product of the moment with everyone using it for cooking and hydrating. It smells divine, just like holidays but not a sickly sweet as other coconut scented products. And it feels great too!

Inecto coco shower creme €2.53Inecto hand&nail cream €2.53

The people at Inecto Pure Coconut have expanded the range and it is widely available. And the best news is that all of the products cost less than €5.50. I have tried the hand & nail cream, which is a lovely light texture and does not leave an oily residue on your skin, perfect! What makes it even better is the price it’s only €2.53, seriously that’s ridiculously cheap!

They have a huge 500ml shampoo and conditioner (I have not tried these yet, but I have had a good smell and they are divine!). They cost €3.04 each, it would be rude not to try them!!

Inecto coco conditioner €3.04 coco shampoo

They are available nationwide in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Enjoy!     coco body lotion



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