On September 20th CHANEL are launching a 200ml spray bottle of COCO MADEMOISELLE for a limited time only. The bottle is the iconic Chanel perfume bottle, which is the perfect accessory for any dressing table or handbag!


COCO MADEMOISELLE is a beautiful fragrance, with all of my favourite notes inside, my top ones being Jasmine and Rose which are at the heart of the fragrance. There are soft notes of Patchouli and Vetiver. There is a beautiful hit of orange when you first spray the fragrance also which is incredibly refreshing.

Jacques Polge

This now iconic fragrance from the house of CHANEL was first formulated in 2001 by the famous ‘nose’ of Jacques Polge, who has been with Chanel since 1978, he is stepping down this month and his son Olivier is taking over the reign at Chanel. I am excited to see what Olivier brings to the already incredible range of fragrances.

Olivier Polge

The limited 200ml bottle of COCO MADEMOISELLE will be available from September 20th on all Chanel counters and will cost €185.00.


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