Red Carpet Manicure

As a good gay son I always do Mammy’s nails, much to my annoyance she always chips them in about ten minutes. But I have found the answer to all of her prayers (when it comes to her nails of course!). Red Carpet Manicure is the at-home three week manicure. I have brought BeautyBaked Mammy to salons to get her nails done many times and always she has them wrecked the next day, even when I had a three week manicure done on her that cost €40.00.
I am not the best at painting nails so I didn’t have high hopes when I bought the kit, but it really couldn’t be any easier, I made it even harder for myself by reading the instructions wrong and made her keep her nails under the light for about six times the instructed time!

We have been doing them every three weeks for the last 9 weeks and every time I use the remover kit I am amazed that there are no chips, anywhere!



The initial outlay is expensive, €95.00, but you get loads inside, base coat, topcoat, cuticle oil, remover and purifier. Of course the light is part of the kit. So after the initial expense you will save massive amounts of money on having 3 week mani’s done in the salon! There are over 75 colours available online with new colours being added all of the time, I fell in love with the neon pink, Mammy didn’t quite feel the same about it, but my sister loved it! The polishes cost €13.50. Here’s the link so you can check it out and nail polishing!


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