Back to normal, but now I am a married lady!!


I never really believed in ‘the wedding blues’, well now I know what all of my friends and clients were talking about. I really tried to keep ‘Gleonard The Wedding’ as stress free as possible, I was super organised with spreadsheets done for any reason, all colour coded of course. Which meant that the wedding was not taking up that much time before the big day on September 3rd & 7th, or course we had to have two days. On the 3rd we had 40 guests join us for the ceremony and then for dinner in The Morrison and then on the 7th we had over 200 people join us for cocktails and lots of dancing to cheesy pop songs. Even organising the two dates was easy and not stressful at all, a lot of the work was done by the amazing team in The Morrison, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to have the wedding take up all of my time and now to have nothing to do at all, I think I would have the wedding blues for a lot longer.


We really had the most magical day on the 3rd, surrounded by our families and closest friends. It was very emotional, my Glenn started the ugly cry which of course sent me into fits of laughing, so for the rest of the ceremony we laughed and cried. It was perfect. We then went to The Morrison for a drinks reception and dinner which was fantastic, and we all cried again at the speeches. My best friend Hazel and her sister got us a fantastic wedding gift of two nights in The G in Galway so off we went on Wednesday morning until Friday for our mini-moon. On the Saturday night we had a drinks reception from 7.30 to 9.30 and then the DJ started to play the cheesiest tunes ever which had the dancefloor full all night, there was even a dance-off or two, it was such a great night.

So I am now back to normal, whatever that is, and feeling so happy. I know that the only physical difference is that we both now have a little piece of fancy metal on our finger, but I feel so content and even more in love. I recommend getting married, it’s great fun! Thanks do much to Emily Quinn who managed to capture our day wonderfully and Conor Clinch who managed to capture the madness of the Saturday night.

I will be posting some beauty stuff later!

Leonard xx



  1. I’m so happy for you and wish you both the best for now and for future years!Don’t let the wedding blues get you down,the only way is up(which I’m sure was one of your cheesy songs!),I loved the down time after the wedding just relaxing and enjoying the post wedding relaxation!Congrats!!

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