So it seems that eyebrows are having a huge comeback. Not since Brooke Shields’ eyebrows became mega famous in the 80’s have brow’s been more popular! I blame Cara Delevigne’s incredible brows for this surge fabulous eyebrows.

brooke shields as child


For me brows should look natural, hairy, a little undone to look like they are perfect. The amount of people that I see with very strong and very dark brows drawn on is shocking. Your brows are incredibly important to shape your whole face, when your brows are done right they should complement your face. Not be the first thing people see and never should they be the star of your makeup. Who wants people looking at their brows and not their eyes??? I am a traditionalist, brows should always be plucked and preened into their best shape. Not the shape that comes in a plastic cut out. We are far too individual to conform to six different shaped brows, every person is different.


Now, I am not saying that brows don’t need a little helping hand. Everything can be improved on, but please stop getting your brows coloured in so dark that they look like slugs! I have brow products that I use on every single client that I do. The first is a dry mascara wand, always brush your brows, you’ll be amazed at the difference that brushing them will make. Sometimes that will be enough for some people. Second is brow pencils, my favourites are from Tom Ford (mega brow pencils), MAC (lingering is my favourite colour) and Lancome. When choosing your shade do not choose the colour that you think you’d like your brows to be choose a shade lighter. The reason being is that when you apply product to the hair on your brows it comes out darker than you think. And last but not least is something to keep them in place. You can get brow gels from lots of brands but at the moment I am loving the new one from Maybeline (€7.69). It makes doing your brows very easy and even comes in a few shades so you can colour match.

My biggest advice is to throw your tweezers away, as in really get rid of them and find someone that you trust to do your brows. I am hearing great things about a girl who works in The Hive on Georges Street and there is a girl in Preen on Dame Street who is great too. If you get rid of your tweezers I promise you that your brows will grow back, I had a client who pretty much had tweezed all of hers away, it took us 3 years and a few searches of her house for tweezers to get them looking amazing but we did.

What do you think? Should brows look natural and full or are you a big fan of HD Brows? I would love your opinions!

Leonard xx

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