New Work, Irish Tatler November Issue 2013

Sarah Doyle

Have you seen the latest issue of Irish Tatler? I worked on the fashion editorial along with Sarah Doyle the amazing photographer, Catherine Condell the uber stylist and king of hair Michael Leong. We had the most amazing model from London with us on the shoot, Gwyneth who was getting married a week after I did so all we talked about was weddings, it was the best fun!


We all traveled down to the most AMAZING place in Kilkenny, The Inn Ballilogue Clochan is possibly the most relaxing place I have been to in quite a while. The owners (Mark & Pat) bought a fantastic old farm house and have turned it into the most beautiful place while retaining it wonderful charm. In the museum, yes there is a museum, which is the previous owners cottage you can find find old shoes that were found on the land, crockery that was in the house when they bought it. It truly is beautiful. They have a shop onsite that you can buy preserves, tea towels, cushions (Michael Leong bought possibly the biggest cushion I have ever seen) and the prettiest blankets. There was a feather mattress topper on my bed, which means that you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The one thing that freaked me out was how quiet it was, I almost felt that I could hear my heart beat, I soon relaxed into it though! It really is the perfect getaway from the noise and lights of Dublin. The food is rather special too, using as much from their homegrown produce as possible. As you can see in one of the images they even have their own chickens! Check out their website hereSarah Doyle

On the day I was using BUFF Makeup. I really wanted Gwyneth’s skin to glow so I used a mixture of BUFF’s HD Foundation and Sheer Glo, that product is amazing for giving you skin that amazing healthy glow. One the eyes I really wanted them to be super simple so I only used on shade of eyeshadow, I used Brownie for this which is the perfect mid-brown shade. This look was all about the lips, so I made sure that they were hydrated first, I used Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for this. Then I applied Russian Lipstick, I used a brush to apply the lippy as I wanted it to be perfect. If you are afraid of using red lipstick you can apply the same colour using you fingers, this gives you a hint of colour. I used black mascara on the top lashes only. I then filled in her brows using the Urban eyeshadow. I set the whole look using Dual Powder, this is a hybrid of powder and foundation so be sure to use it sparingly.
Sarah Doyle Sarah Doyle Sarah Doyle Sarah Doyle


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