Shu Uemura Lash Curlers


For years the Shu Uemura lash curlers have been the go to lash curlers for makeup artists. The reason that they work so well is how they are shaped. They patented the hinges so that no other company can have the same type of curler. The silicone insert is also very important when it comes to curling your lashes.  Most other brands use a rubber insert which is much harder on your lashes and sometimes makes them look very square. With the Shu Uemura one the curl is soft yet leave your lashes wide open.


As with all tools they have a life span, you get a second silicone insert when you but them, so this makes them last longer. I buy a new one every 4 months or so, at home you should get about a year out of one. The reason you have to change them is that the balance changes over time, which means that your lashes will curl in different rates depending on where the balance is off, so you might have amazingly curled lashes on the right side but not on the left side of your eye. I LOVE the gold ones which are available now, but I think they are limited edition so they are not always in stock.

They are available exclusively in Brown Thomas Dublin, which now sells online so I guess they are available nationwide! They cost from €24.00.



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