Sigma Brushes


I am a total control freak when it comes to my brushes. They need to be great quality and they must be able to be washed multiple times per week. As a makeup artist you have to wash your brushes every time you use them. In the past when I got some brushes that were not expensive they only lasted a short while. So in my head I always thought that it was better to spend more at the time of purchase so that the price per use would be smaller. (see how I justify spending far too much money!)


I was the chief makeup artist on a show from Rimmel recently and I was chatting to Ciara Allen, another makeup artist, about brushes. Ciara was raving about Sigma brushes so I proptly went online and got some. I was not expecting them to be as good as they are as the cost is very low. But to my surprise they are fantastic. I have been using them for the past few week and they have been washed many times and they dry perfectly and not one of them have lost their shape.


They are available from the amazing Irish beauty site Cloud 10 Beauty and they really are great value for money. I paticularly love the lip brush and some of the eyeshadow brushes are mega. They have a huge range of Kabuki  brushes, as you all know I am not a fan of using brushes for foundation but their brushes mimick the use of fingers. So if you can’t/won’t use your fingers these are a good option for foundation brushes. They also have a range of vegan brushes that amazingly feel fantastic.They even have a range that has 18k gold on them.EFG01-2T

Prices start €10.00, that really will not break the bank! Cloud 10 always have discount codes on the site when you sign in so expect to get them discounted also! Score!!


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