Payot Skincare

I LOVE French products, they always seem to include healing properties alongside great skincare.  This brands life spans over 90 years, and some of the formulas have not changed since the 1920’s. If the company did change the formula they kept the main active ingredients just made the textures more suitable to todays high standards. It is also wonderful to use a brand that has such a long history.

In 1913, Nadia Grégoria was the first female doctor to graduate from the Lausanne School of Medicine in Switzerland. After she married her husband Edmond Payot, an engineer by training, the couple began to travel abroad. During a trip to New York she met Anna Pavlova, the famous ballerina who inspired one of the worlds most adored desserts. This meeting proved to be one of the most important meetings in Nadia’s career, she was struck by the difference between the youthful appearance of Pavlova’s body and face. This meeting inspired Dr Payot to  developed a beauty philosophy based on movement, facial “physical culture” (exercise), and essential skin care products.

nadia payot _article_photo

 “The face is the mirror of the soul, it reflects our inner life and therefore deserves the greatest of care”

-Dr Nadia Payot’s mantra.

In 1920, the Payots settled in Paris. Nadia created her first products – Golden Rays cleanser and Crèmes N° 1 and N° 2 in her kitchen. Convinced that these products alone were not enough, she developed her first beauty recommendations and exercises. In 1925, Dr Payot opened her first beauty institute on rue Richepanse in Paris. She later published “Physical Culture for the Face and Neck”, which described seven massage techniques and four exercises. She further established her philosophy in two books and introduced her beauty care credo: cleanse, nourish and stimulate. The steadily growing success of her approach prompted her to move her business to 10 rue Castiglione in 1937. She expanded her range by developing products specific to each skin type and each problem: dehydration, sensitivity, lack of vitality, lack of radiance and small irritations. In 1947, she decided to teach her method to others and opened the first beauty therapy school, and she rapidly became a major figure in the cosmetology field.

The school became so successful Nadia left the management of the company to her husband while she devoted herself to passing on her philosophy through her school. She became widely recognised for her precise diagnostics and treatments, and perfected the concept of her famous “42-Movement Facial Protocol”.


Crème N°2 is one of the most popular products created by Dr Payot. Rich in liquorice, sesame seed and maize extracts as well as essential oils of lavender and thyme, this balm immediately soothes minor discomforts, such as inflammations, irritations and itching. Ideal for the whole family, this gentle, soothing cream belongs in every first-aid kit.


Since 1947, Pâte Grise has been a beauty product used by generations of women in France. It helps eliminate small breakouts overnight. Just like magic! I think it is the French version of Sudocream but actually works at killing spots! It was reformulated in 2008 to improve the antibacterial efficacy and to give it a better texture.

Payot is available nationwide. There are some amazing Christmas Gifts available that I will be including in my ‘Beautiful Christmas’ series in the coming weeks.


Leonard xx



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