Clarins, Extra – Comfort Foundation


This foundation has been out for a while now. I have been using it in my kit for a few month, although for not every type of skin. I really love it for a certain type of skin. I have used it in most skin types and ages but I have found that it really works amazingly in women who are over 50. It looks amazing on my mother who is in her sixties (that’s all I am going to say as she still tells me she is 29 and a bit!).


The main focus of the foundation is to nourish and illuminate the complexion. Which it does in buckets. When you use it for the first time you will put too much on, but you will soon realise that you only need the smallest amount, it blends beautifully. To help achieve the perfect complexion Clarins have added organic argan oil, rich in omega-9 to protect the skin from dehydration and omega-6 to preserve its supple aspect. There are nine shades of the foundation, nothing suited for deep skin tones.


Clarins also created a concealer which is the perfect product to help elliminate tired and ‘stressed’ looking eyes. The texture of this is mega, and works for all ages. It blends so beautifully. When I have a client in my chair that needs a little extra concealer under the eyes I always blend the concealer about 1.5″ under the eye, this eliminates the darkness but also the “bag” that seems to come hand in hand with the darkness. If you’re going to do this be sure to get a concealer in the same shade or even one shade lighter, never ever darker!

Research suggests that women rarely change their foundation, if they find “The One” they tend to stick with it until  it no longer works for them. Do you try out new foundation when you need to get a new bottle or just stick to what you have?



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