L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Creams

Staying on the CC theme from earlier this morning I am going to review L’Oreal’s Nude Magique CC Cream. As you all know I am a little suspicious of all these BB and CC creams. In my head they were just tinted moisturisers with a different name. That was of course these totally changed my attitude!

Montage packs CC Cream

I teach in The Beauty Bootcamp almost every Saturday, and we have them there. Last Saturday evening I had to teach a group of 15-17 year olds how to do their makeup. I was terrified before hand. I assumed that I was going to a group of horrid teenagers, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were such an amazing group of young women. They wanted to learn how to do their makeup right and amazingly they didn’t want the usual look of too much makeup. What I had been expecting to be torture turned out to be one of the best three hours I have had in work in ages! So back to the CC cream, one of the bad things about being 16, I know there are very few, is the fact that you have high colouring. I would gladly swap a few wrinkles and grey hairs for a bit of high colouring. But as a teenager things like that are at the forefront of what is wrong. There was one girl, who looked like Sophie Dahl when she was at her most beautiful, who had high colouring on her (amazing) cheeks. I got her to put some of the Anti-Redness CC Cream from L’Oreal on her cheeks and magically it calmed them down compleatly. In the name of research I went out on Sunday and bought one and tried it on my Mum, and it really worked on her too. The finish is beautiful, just like a really light textured foundation, you skin looks perfect but just like perfect skin not perfect foundation, which for me is always the result that you should be looking for! There is also an Anti-Dullness and Anti-Fatigue CC Cream in the collection.

How they work. It’s all to do with the colour wheel, every time I teach makeup to anyone the colour wheel is always the star of the class. It helps makeup artists out every time they pick up a makeup brush. For the Anti-Redness CC Cream there are green correcting pigments which deminishes the redness of your skin. For the Anti-Fatigue your skin would be a little washed out and grey looking, to combat this apricot is added to the CC Cream to add that look of health. If you skin is looking  dull they have added mauve which will make your skin look much healthier. This will also work amazingly with Asian skin tones.

They are available nationwide and the RRP is €14.99.


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