Beautiful Irish Christmas

The silly season is upon us. Which some of us are delighted about (me being one of those). I know some people find the whole shopping for gifts a mare, hopefully this series of post will take some of the pain out of buying gifts.

I am starting the series with Irish made gifts, I think that if we can buy Irish we should, there are some amazing Irish brands out there. I am including some non-beauty related items in these posts because I know not everyone will love an amazing beauty product.


The first on my list is Helen Steele, she is one of Irelands most creative artists and fashion designers. I am a huge fan, I really love all of her stuff. I wore one of her T-Shirts for my wedding and I now wear it all of the time. The quality of the jersey that it is made from is amazing, it washes great (I know I sound like my mother). But the quality and the originality of her stuff is mega, she is also one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. You can buy her collection direct from Helen Steele Online . I got a scarf last year and my mother took one look at it and I have not seen it since. Helen’s clothes are 100% Irish and you will be in good company wearing her clothes, stars like Jessie J and Rita Ora have been seen wearing her collection.

NEW1 Xmas

Green Angel is an award winning luxurious range of skincare, hair care and bath care products based on the fusion of two ancient practices Thalassotherapy and Aromatherapy. Thalassotherapy refers to the treatments that use seawater and seaweed to tone, moisturise and revitalise the mind and body.   Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, iodine, trace elements and iron and has huge therapeutic benefits.  It is especially beneficial to people who suffer from skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils.  Luxury natural oils are chosen specifically for their healing and therapeutic benefits to help treat skin conditions, enhance beauty, promote wellness and bring balance to the mind and body. Their christmas gift sets are unbelievible value, one of the sets has a day cream and night cream and only costs €39.00. That truly is amazing value!! This brand is really great for people with sensitive skin and it is 100% Irish. One of my readers, Amy Bennett, loves their body scrub, I have not tried it as yet but it is on my list as I do love a good scrub! The full range is available here.


Seavite is another deadly Irish Skincare brand, it was created in 1993 by Patrick Mulrooney the father of the two most amazing dermatoligists in the country! Patrick worked as a marine scientist and while doing this he became convinced of the healing powers of the sea. After years of research the brand was born. They insist that only the finest ingredients are used in the products which include hand-harvested organic seaweed and the purest marine water from the Atlantic. Now both Jane and Katherine continue to research and develop the range, which got a major facelift two years ago. There are some amazing products in the range, my all time favourite shower gel is from Seavite. Again this range is suiltbale for all skin types and really helps people with super sensitive skin. Prices start at €12.50 and it available to purchase nationwide in pharmacys or on their online store here..

Ireland now has its own lifestyle monthly subscription service, the Chic Treat Club is finally launching next week, you can leave your details of their site to make sure that you can get in on the action. I think it will be hugely successful and I know that there are some mega brands involved. The Chic Treat Club gives you the perfect opportunity to try products before you buy. They will have the latest new beauty & lifestyle products sourced from all over the world and delivered to your door in a beautifully giftwrapped box. This company will be sending your monthly gifts out by courier, so you know it will not get lost in the post. You can buy a subscription as a gift for either 3, 6 or 12 months and and it will cost about €15.00 per month, that’s great value.. Check out their site hereand sign up! It really is the gift that keeps giving!


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