Beautiful Irish Christmas 2

Paula AW13 - €154.95

Another amazing gift this christmas would be a great pair of gloves. One Irish designer who’s gloves have featured in so many of the shoots and shows that I have worked on this year is Paula Rowan. She designs them here and they are handcrafted in Italy, they use beautiful quality leather and embellishments. She designed the most amazing pair that only covers your fingers and thumbs, not the most practical pair of gloves but possibly the most beautiful. They are available in Paula Rowan in The Westbury Mall, Brown Thomas and Harvey Nichols in Dundrum.  Prices start at €150.00 but they are worth every penny!Paula AW13 058 €495

Spiced Orange Collection Cutout

I love scented candles, and I always have them burning in the house. Last year I found an Irish brand which I fell in love with. Emma’s Candles are made from Soy wax which is becoming a popular alternative to paraffin wax, mainly because they are natural, biodegradable and renewable. All of this makes them a lot more environmentally  friendly. The wax is water soluble which means that the glass can be used again! They make a lovely whiskey tumbler! Only pure essential oils are used in these candles, this means that the scent from the candles is very delicate. If  you are used to burning candles that use other waxes and syntethic fragrance you may be disappointed by how subtle these are, me personally I think these ones are the best, as soy was does not smoke as much as other waxes and burns up to 50% longer!  And now for the best news, a tumbler costs only €19.95, the tins cost €9.95 and the melts cost only €4.95. These really are the perfect stocking filler! They are available nationwide and online here.

Mint Crisp Collection Cutout Wonderland Collection Cutout\

Fellow makeup artist Ken Boylan created his own brand of makeup last year and it has gone from strength to strength this year. The store located on Drury Street is like Mecca for makeup junkies. There is a full range of makeup to play with but my favourites from his collection are the amazing eye-shadows and his lippys are rather special too. He has some great offers this Christmas that will not break the bank but will earn you serious brownie points! The Makeup Play flagship store in on Drury Street but it is also available in Lloyds Pharmacy Blackrock, Donnybrook, Mullingar and Dub Laoighaire. COLOUR KIT



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