I am in love with these new hair products!

13898 TXT Wave Spray

L’Oreal have brought out this amazing new line of products that are specifically designed to add texture to your hair. The #TXT range has four products in the range. Supersizing Spray is like backcombing in a bottle great for adding volume, you can use it in only the areas that you want to add volume like the crown. Wave Creating Spray give your hair a real beachy hair look, this really works well with longer layered hair. Dishevelling Dry Putty is perfect for hair that is short but with a little length, really adds great texture but does not have any real holding properties. Finally Grooming Soft Clay is perfect for short hair, gives a really great finish thats not greasy looking, it can also be used in longer hair at the ends to reduce the appearance of split ends.
13898 TXT Volume Spray13898 TXT Grooming Clay Pot&Box 13898 TXT Dishevelling Putty Pot&Box


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