The Best Of Serums

In the past year alone there have been so many new serums come to the market all of them promising new amazing skin tone and texture. It is hard to figure out where you should spend your hard earned cash, hopefully this post will guide you.

Every skincare brand has brought out a new serum in the past year some of them have released more than one. The reason that so many are coming to the market is that the science in them is advancing almost every day. A lot of them are for very specific needs so always make your needs known to the person selling it to you.

Clients|Estee Lauder

The first on my list is Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder, this serum was launched over 30 years ago, well before any of the other brands jumped on the serum wagon. Last year they improved on the formula to make it even better for your skin. Estée Lauder was among the first to understand that your skin rejuvenates at night-time repairing the damage of the day. They have revolutionised the night-time repair category once again with the new Advanced Night Repair II. They have done extensive research into cellular activity in skin and for the first time the formula supports this natural night-time purification process vital to younger-looking skin. The new magic technology promises to dramatically reduce the look of every key visible sign of ageing for a significantly younger looking skin. It has been tested and proven for every ethnicity. There are two sizes available a 30ml which costs €54.00 and a 50ml that costs €80.00.

Lifting Contour Serum MRJust launched on Creme De La Mer counters nationwide is their new Lifting Contour Serum. This serum is revolutionary as it focuses on the contours of your face, which has not been done before. As with all La Mer products it is infused with The Miracle Broth but there is a new active ingredient called The Lifting Ferment which has been designed to support the skins natural collagen which give you a more refined silhouette. It doesn’t come cheap, at €275 a bottle it may break the bank but you really can’t put a price on good skin. Or Valentines day is coming up……

Liquid Gold200ml_cutAlthough not technically a serum, Liquid Gold from Alpha H is mega! Enriched with Glycolic Acid this little gem helps to improve the tone, texture and general heath of your skin. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturiser it is a product that I could not be without. I use it along with other serums but that’s not a necessity. It is also an amazing treatment for acne. It comes in two sizes 100ml and 200ml which cost €37.80 and €53.90 respectively, I get mine from

images-4This is one of my favourite serums on the market. Last year it was reformulated and they managed to get 40% more active ingredients than original Génifique, which now has anti-ageing effects not available in the existing Génifique formula. As you know I love science in skincare, and this serum packs a punch when it comes to science. In the Lancôme labs they have figured out that genes were important in skin repair. And it seems that they have found 25 more genes involved in keeping you young and fresh looking. Their work involves working with cells at a molecular level to see what effect they are having. This work has revealed as many as 25 more genes are involved than were previously thought. But the importance of leader genes has been critical because it allows Lancôme to test potential new actives specifically in relation to these genes, now knowing that these are representative of important functions. These then became the targets for Advanced Génifique. The most important aspect is that ageing can be addressed in a systematic and effective way. Now that the leader genes of the major functions in youthful skin have been identified, they can be targeted with specific new anti-ageing ingredients which are only available in Lancôme Advanced Génifique. This will set you back €73.00.

LE JOUR €75.00, LA NUIT - €75.00. LE WEEKEND €90.00

LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL is the star of three serums that Chanel launched last year. This product contains my favourite ingredient ever in skin care, Glycolic Acid and it also contains rose water which gives it its wonderful scent. What these two ingredients will do is gradually exfoliate your skin while also making sure that your skin is hydrated. As always there are guidelines to usinging a product with Glycolic acid, you may feel a slight tingling sensation (perfectly normal), do not use close to your eyes, do not use in irriated skin and your skin will be more sensitive to sun damage so be sure to use an SPF every day. You use LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL for two consecutive days per week, over a 1 month period.

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