Chic Treat Club

Last month saw the launch of Chic Treat Club, which is basically an Irish version of Glossy Box. What is great about Chic Treat Club is that it is 100% Irish owned and operated and hopefully it will feature a lot of Irish brands. This has got to be great for the Irish beauty market, I always try to buy Irish when possible.

Chic Treat Club 1st Box January

I was lucky enough to get the first box delivered (by courier) last month. The first thing that I noticed was how it was packaged. It’s beautifully  wrapped and it’s truly like getting a present every month! The outter box is that lovely New York green colour and the inner box is a complimenting yellow colour. What I got inside was so lovely. A hand cream from Inecto, an amazing lip balm from Eposilk, a sample size shampoo and conditioner from Kevin Murphy, nail wraps from Kiss which were surprisingly easy to apply (I put them on one of my favourite girls, India) and there was a mascara from Wet n’Wild an exciting new budget range to the Irish market. The total value of products was €37.03.

Chic Treat Club Logo COL2B

To subscribe to The Chic Treat Club log on here. The costs are for a three month subscription is €44.95, for six months it costs €89.95 when you subscribe for six months you get an extra month plus an exclusive gift and for twelve moths the cost is €179.95 and with this you get an exclusive gift plus an extra gift of full size products.

There is also a Yummy mummy box which costs €24.95 and this includes six luxury treats. This would be the perfect mothers day gift.

If they had a male version I would sign up today, hint hint nudge nudge. This box is guarenteed to cheer you up when it arrives and you will get to try out new products for for an average of €15.00 a month, now there’s a cheap  treat!

Chic Treat Club Logo COL1


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