Summer is coming, time to get your pins out!

Like many people I have some varicose veins, but not half as many as my Glenn. I’ve seen better legs in a grave yard. He had the veins stripped a few years back but like so many they returned. Well, now there’s a new highly successful solution that’s really turning the world of varicose veins upside down.

Venaseal Closure System is a revolutionary patient friendly solution for unsightly, painful and problematic varicose veins. It’s the next generation in Varicose Vein care, patients see a greatly improved post treatment outcome with significant benefits, such as no downtime, no compression stockings, only 1 local anaesthetic, and immediate results.

Before treatment.

The Venaseal treatment, now available from Irish Vascular Surgeons nationwide, is the new effective alternative approach using a specially developed safe-for-the-body medical adhesive gel which is inserted into the vein through a tiny tube. This treatment is minimally invasive and requires only 1 local anaesthetic. The gel is applied through the tiny tube to the vein walls where it seals the vein closed quickly and effectively.
It is currently available within Europe, Hong Kong and Canada. Venaseal was launched first in Germany over 2 years ago.

After treatment

“Using the Venaseal medical adhesive gel, allows me to quickly and effectively close off the affected veins, with no down time. Patients can head back to work the same day, travel on holiday and bare their legs again.” Mr Sean O’Neill, Vascular Surgeon, Blackrock Clinic, Dublin

For those suffering from Varicose Veins contact your GP for further information and a referral to a Vascular Surgeon. You can check out which surgeons are offering the service here.


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