Physicians Formula finally available in Ireland.


This über America brand is finally available on our shores. It was originally developed by Dr. Frank Crandall for his wife who had sensitive skin in 1937. And since then it still remains loyal to its pledge to create high quality hypoallergenic cosmetic and skincare products.

Physicians Formula is America’s number 1 bronzer brand, face powder brand, mineral brand, kit brand and natural and organic brand. Now that’s some accomplishment. Every year more than fifty new products are developed, that’s what keeps the brand fresh and new and at the top of their game. As well as being natural and organic they are really fun and even some of the products have pheromones inside that make you smell more attractive to the opposite sex. Now be careful not to put too much on, you don’t want to cause a stampede!

One of the hero products in the line is the Magic Mosaic Bronzer used to highlight, contour and even out skin tone. Another of their hero products is the Organic Wear Natural Lash Boosting Mascara which has been formulated to enhance the appearance of lash length, thickness and volume for a dramatically instant lift.

Physicians Formula was the first company to create a line of hypo-allergenic makeup, the first to introduce SPF to makeup and not a single skin irritant is in any of the formulations. Physicians Formula focuses on the three most common skincare issues – aging, moisture balance and hormonal aging.

It will be available nationwide from June 1st in pharmacies. And the best thing about is that the prices start at €10.90 and the most expensive product will be €19.90.



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