Tom Ford Neroli Portofino


Tom Ford have added to the Neroli Portofino range. You can now get a deodorant and an all over spray. Because I’m allergic to everything I have not been able to use deodorant ever, whenever I tried one I got a reaction. When I got the Tom Ford one I gave it a go, and guess what, no reaction! I used it everyday and never got a reaction. I have tried all types of products hypoallergenic the lot and I always had a reaction to them. Trust my Tom Ford to bring one out that I’m not allergic to. I didn’t try the spray as a deodorant as I think that would be playing with fire. But that’s beautiful all over the body.

So basically for the first time in forever I have to repurchase a deodorant as I have used the last one up! I also need to stock up on the shower gel, fragrance, soap, body oil……. I have a little substance abuse issue when It comes to Mr. Ford! The deodorant costs €42.00 and the all over spray costs €48.00. They is available in all Brown Thomas stores, Arnotts and Harvey Nichols. Enjoy!



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