I’m a sucker for luxe brands, as everyone knows Tom Ford is my god. But I do love a bargain also, just like Mammy Daly. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Launch of SeeSee an Israeli skincare brand which uses minerals from the Dead Sea as the main ingredient. As I was testing the range, which smells AMAZING I didn’t know the price range. The packaging suggests a brand that’s expensive, the fragrance suggests a premium priced product and they feel like a luxe brand. The body butter feels great. I was surprised when I learned that the most expensive product in the range is €10.99, now there’s a bargain that Mammy Daly would be delighted with!


There’s mineral hand and foot cream, both of which smell fab, beautifully lemongrassy! The hand cream is €4.49 and the foot cream is €4.99. There’s a body lotion and a body butter, €8.99 and €9.99 respectively both have been enriched with Dead Sea minerals and have the great fragrance. The body butter is for people with dryer skin. There’s a body scrub with is a salt scrub and again smells amaze! This will only set you back €4.99. They also have a Dead Sea mud body wrap, €4.99, Mud Treatment Shampoo, €6.99 and a whole range of facial products available. The facial products include a foaming facial scrub, €8.49, day moisturiser and a night cream both only €9.99 and both feel like a product way more expensive.

I love when a product range surprises you, in this case it’s that they are so affordable and feel like luxe yet have such great price points. The range is available in pharmacies nationwide since the start of the month. Enjoy!


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