Mega Volume Miss Manga

Okay so I’m a bit slow off the mark with this post. I got this mascara a few weeks ago but only got to try it over the weekend. It’s quite possibly my favourite mass produced mascara ever! Inspired by the Japanese Kawaii attitude, a Japanese adjective meaning cute, loveable and pretty. Kawaii can be seen in a lot of Japanese cultures like music, fashion and even general mannerisms. Even Gwen Stefani dedicated a song and has a fragrance dedicated to the harajuku girls, who are Kawaii to the core.


How it works: it has has been designed with a flexible come shaped brush which helps coat every single lash with the mascara. This means that even short lashes get a full lick of mascara which makes them look much thicker and longer. The new formula also has three polymers which give it it’s staying power, it does not move. I got my Hazel to try it too and she’s totally in love with it. She even bought one for somebody. Now that’s the best endorsement, she generally robs off me!

There are three shades available, of course black is the most popular but I love the Tropical Violet and Pop Turquoise. It is available now and costs €11.99.



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  1. Was rather underwhealmed by this mascara. But i think its a very subjective topic… My holy grail will be disliked by others… And others that people swear by i dislike.

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