Sun Sensi from Payot

Payot Sun Sensi Protective Anti Age Face Cream SPF 30  As y’all know I am a sucker for a French skincare range, they rarely disappoint. And this suncare range does not change that! It is from Skincare company Payot which I wrote about here a while ago. It is one of those brands that is an institution in France but it only recently became available here. Payot Sun Sensi Protective Anti Age Spray SPF 30There are 7 sun care products in the range that combine protection and pleasure while respecting the skin’s physiological balance. The products are suitable for all skin types and range in protection levels from SPF 15 to SPF 30. I love the Anti-ageing Protective Cream SPF 50+ for face, I love when a product is multi use this has SPF as well as anti-ageing properties, genius!! The cost is €29.70. They also have an anti-ageing Protective Stick which is SPF 50+ too but this has been designed for sensitive areas, this costs €24.20. There is a body spray with SPF 30 which is so beautiful and really hydrates your skin when you use it, €32.00. They also have a face SPF 30 and an anti-ageing oil with SPF 15, which van be used on both your hair and body. There is an after sun soothing mist which has the most bautiful scent and feels great on your skin, €30.00.    Payot After SunThe science behind these products is incredible, they do not compramise on any level. You are fully protected against both UVA and UVB. But they are also anti-ageing, moisturising and they smell amazing! Happy safe tanning!!! Payot Sun Sensi Protective Anti-Ageing Oil SPF 15


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