Chris James 12 Days

It seems that we are now a nation that are obsessed with detox, body cleanse and juice diets. Every time I open my Facebook I am looking at friends juice detox and kale dinners. Quite a few of my close friends have done them to varying success. Some lasted the five days and others only lasted five minutes, until they passed a vending machine and it was game over they need chocolate.
For me cutting out food completely would just feel like punishment and I know I would never last more than a few hours. But using a plan that gives you a recommended diet while on the detox, this I think I could handle. It would just be like being in a diet with extra supplements, right??

I have found this plan which will be available in Space NK, who’s Grafton Street store is opening this week, and I think I will give it a go.

Chris James is a globally know health and well being expert who formulated the 12 Days, a cleanse which can be slotted into your daily life easily and not terribly disruptively. The 12 Days cleanse is fully supported with online videos along with an interactive forum and unique tips to help you through the 12 Days. They also give you recipes that compliment the cleanse perfectly all of which are gluten free so perfect for Irelands growing number of coeliac’. The cleanse promises glowing skin and eyes, sound sleep, assistance in weight loss and  renewed energy levels. Now, to acheive all this we will have to put a bit of effort in. We will have to reduce the amount of bread, meat, pasta, alcohol and caffeine and replace them with alkaline rich food, like kale, broccoli and avocado,  which will help get our bodies functioning at it best.

I am planning on getting my pack in Space NK this week and starting the cleanse next Monday, Who’s in??? (I may be very sorry that I wrote this piece)



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