Festival of Colours Collection from Clarisonic

There are a few things that I could not live without in my skincare routine, Glycolic Acid and my Clarisonic are two that I absolutely could not do without. I love them both. What a Clarisonic does is make your cleanser work harder, six times harder than using your hands alone. It has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, oily areas, dry skin patches and to help improve skin tone. So basically it gives you more youthful looking and feeling skin. It even makes it easier for your followup skincare (serums, moisturiser etc.) to work more effectively meaning that you can use less product. 

For summer Clarisonic have launched a collection of fantastic bright colours that have been inspired by an ancient Hindu tradition,  the Festival of Colours. Which has inspired events all over the world, the Colour Run along Dun Laoighaire just being one of them. 

FestivalofColours_EnergyThese have the same technology as the originals but just come in fantastic colours. The Clarisonic Plus (which you can get an atachment that you can use on your body, I will be running in to get one as soon as they are in stock)Festival of Colours will be available exclusively from Brown Thomas Stores with a RRP €225.00 and the Mia 2 Festival of Colours Collection will be available nationwide from July 2014 with a RRRP €149.00. I know that they seem expensive but they really do make your skin better and I do not mind spending a bit of cash if I know that I am going to see results.



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