Kate Moss first eye collection for Rimmel London


HW_KatexRimmel08_SummerRockLook_WEBKate Moss is finally launching an eye collection for Rimmel London, and to showcase the Idol Eyes collection they have teamed up with Hayden William an incredible fashion designer and illustrator from London who has been drawing since the age of 3. Inspired by women, fashion and his childhood, his illustrations all have his signature style with a cartoon feel. Oh an by the way he is only 22. Rimmel discovered him on Instagram, just goes to show the power of social media. Taking Kate’s timeless style and the shade palette of her first eye collection as his inspiration, Hayden collaborated with Kate Moss to create exclusive fashion sketches matching the different Idol Eyes makeup looks.

Kate Moss says “I am so excited to be collaborating with Hayden on my first eye collection. I love his drawings and it was great fun to work with someone who could so perfectly bring our looks and ideas to life on paper”.

HW_KatexRimmel06_HippyDeluxeLook_WebOn his new partnership with Rimmel, Hayden comments: “As a British fashion illustrator and designer, I am very proud to be collaborating with Rimmel London and Kate Moss for the launch of her new Idol Eyes collection. It is a definite highlight in my growing career, to be asked to work so closely alongside such an established cosmetics brand and iconic supermodel. It is a huge achievement and i look forward to sharing all of the visual content that i have created for this project with my fans and also with the Rimmel customers.”

Follow Hayden on his social media platforms to have a look at all of his work it’s kinda something.

Kate_WIP_18Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haydenwilliamsillustrations

Tumblr: http://haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/hayden_williams


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