Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Signature Fragrance

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid - 50ml

It has been ages since Tom Ford has brought a new fragrance to the signature collection. Velvet Orchid will be available on September 1st and is to join Black Orchid as one of their new signature collections. Although Black Orchid is incredibly popular it’s not one of my favourites, I find it very strong and it is just not flowery enough for me. Velvet Orchid has hints of Black Orchid with instantly recognisable elements but they have added some amazing flower scents which make it way nicer!

Italian bergamot and Mandarin Orpur™ are the first scents that you experience, then Succan absolute lends a caramelised sugar cane note. A honey note offers a sweetness that complements the fragrance’s soft vanilla background.

The floral core, my favourite, is filled with corporeal floral notes. The Velvet Orchid accord comprising jasmine absolute, rose oil from Turkey and Cattleva Leopoldii orchid Scent Trek™. Orange blossom and rose absolute Morocco, Magnolia, jonquil and hyacinth give this beautiful fragrance it exquisitely complex fragrance.


 The ingredients for this fragrance come from as far as Brazil, and I am terribly happy that they do. All in all it’s a beautiful scent and if I have met you in the past two weeks you would have got a quick preview!

As always the packaging and visuals are sublime, it’s what we expect from Mr Ford. The bottle is the same as Black Orchid but with a beautiful purple colour. For the visual they have used Gegigi Hadid, who if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Yolanda’s daughter. Gegigi is going to be the next big thing in modelling, she was the main girl for Guess last year and was named one of 12 rookies in Sports illustrated annual issue in 2014, her body is amazing. All of which basically means she’s a super babe! 


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