My Burberry

So it’s finally happened, both Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have finally been photographed together. Of course it was super brand Burberry who came up with the goods. They are two of the worlds most successful models, between the two of them they petty much have nearly all the billboards sewn up. I was in London this week for work and every corner I turned I saw Cara’s or Kate’s face, it really made London that bit more beautiful!

They are the faces for Burberry’s new fragrance My Burberry, which is how people affectionally call their Burberry trench. I have not had a smell yet but it’s scent is supposed to smell like an English garden in the rain, which sounds like the perfect scent to me.

What really makes this stand out from other fragrances is that you can personalise your bottle with your own initials. A personalised monogrammed bottle of perfume?? I know many a lady who’s going to love this!


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