NeoStrata’s Enlighten Cleanser

So you all know the way I love a cleanser that has active ingredients. Glycolic Acid is possibly the most mentioned ingredient on BeautyBaked. NeoStrata has mega active ingredients, in-fact the research team at NeoStrata is so good that their research is used in many different brands, including some of the worlds best knows brands.
Neostrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a creamy foaming face wash. It removes excess oil and makeup. The active ingredients also brightens, clarifies and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots & pigmentation. These are issues that effect so many of us, especially this time of year when we may have exposed our skin to a little too much sun over the summer.

The key ingredient is the patented NeoGlucosamine™, a non-acid amino sugar, gently exfoliates dark spots and the surface cells that can cause skin to appear mottled and dull. It brightens and clarifies skin with a unique blend of 7 Alpine Plant Extracts including Mallow Peppermint & Cowslip Lemon Balm.

It has a lovely texture all you need to do is massage it into your skin forming a lather (if you have a Clarisonic it works perfect with them) and then rinse. There are two other products in this range an illuminating serum and Pigment Controller that will help with pigmentation marks. This also works hands, so if you’re concerned about age spots this range will help. You have to wear an SPF while using these products. You can get the range online here. or they have a list of stockists where you can go and get advice.


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