Super Restorative Night

Clarins have re-launched Super Restorative Night which has been revamped with the organic plant extract: Montpellier Rock Rose. This plant extract has been scientifically proven to help target the reduction of dark spots linked to ageing, particularly following hormonal changes.
The effectiveness of Super Restorative on all signs of skin ageing has been confirmed by a combination of clinical tests, ex vivo tests, in vitro tests and consumer tests. There is also a day cream which has the same unique ingredient.

Clarins use a model of an age that you would expect to use the cream, I look at some anti ageing Skincare product advertisement images and they use a model who’s possibly 16 which really does not make me think the products will work for my vintage skin!

It comes with a RRP of €94.00, which I know is steep but when faced with age spots I know I would spend the money if I was going to get these results. It is available now from stockists nationwide. Oh and a little interesting fact about Clarins it’s Europe’s No.1 premium skin care brand in Europe according to NPD BeautyTrends.


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