Modern Muse Chic

Last year saw Esteé Lauder have their biggest fragrance launch in over ten years with Modern Muse, this year they have launched Modern Muse Chic a multi-dimensional incredibly interesting fragrance. As with the original, Modern Muse Chic has a unique contrast of sophisticated florals and deep warm woods, which gives the fragrance it’s unique personality. The Jasmine base note is quite possibly one of my favourite scents ever and the. The deep wood scent really gives it a warmth that floral scent never have, they also make the fragrance last on your skin way longer than a floral scent alone.

“Modern Muse Chic is a bold, new expression of what it means to be a Modern Muse,” says Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies. “We achieved a compelling creative tension through our innovative “dual-impression” fragrance structure. Some women will be attracted to the Vivid Floralcy, while others will be drawn to the dark sensuality of the Ebony Woods.”

They have added studs to the bow of the original Muse fragrance to give it the edge it deserves. The bow was inspired by the iconic bow on Estée Lauder’s first fragrance, Youth Dew.

Modern Muse Chic is available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide, from now.

Modern Muse Chic Eau de Parfum, 30ml​​​​RRP:​€58.00
Modern Muse Chic Eau de Parfum, 50ml​​​​RRP:​€80.00
Modern Muse Chic Eau de Parfum, 100ml​​​​RRP:​€115.00


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