Beautiful Christmas Part One

Sorry for the absence from Beauty Baked, it’s been an incredibly busy time. Busy with work and busy falling in love with our new goddaughter, who arrived in October. She’s the most beautiful little girl. See below for proof.

In this year’s series of Beautiful Christmas I’m firstly looking at Irish brands. It’s important to try and support brands that are home grown. As we all know it’s been a shocking few years for business and I really admire people who took the risk and set up a business. Bravo my friends!!

First on the list are two of Ireland’s most well respected makeup artists who set up their academy Callanberry last year, where they teach budding makeup artists the basic skills to begin a career in makeup. This year they bring us their AMAZING Professional Brush Collection. This tool kit is really beautiful, developed over the past twelve months, it takes ages to get the finish wanted. Each brush has a sleek appearance with iodine blue handles embossed with rose gold and metallic branding. The fibers of the brushes are made from natural virgin goat, squirrel and pony hair and all of the brushes have a ‘flower tip’ which is designed and shaped to pick up the correct amount of product for ideal distribution on application.

The brushes are available in two pre packed kits. A five piece (€125) and an eleven piece (€275) and of course all brushes are available to purchase individually with a starting price of €18. You get much better value of you buy a kit.

The Professional Brush Collection is now available to pre-order online from the Callanberry website, visit


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