Beautiful Christmas Part 4

What could possibly be a nicer gift then the gift of great skin? Good skincare really is the gift that keeps on giving.

There are a few tools and ingredients that I couldn’t survive without (I know that’s just a tad dramatic!).

The first on the list is Clarisonic, these magic skin brushes are incredible face cleansers (and body if you want). They make your regular cleanser work six times harder, which means that it penetrates your skin way more than your cleanser would normally. This basically cleans your skin from the inside out and also gently exfoliates your skin every time you use it. And as you all should know, exfoliation is one of the biggest anti ageing thing you can do for your skin. They recently launched cashmere brush heads, yes cashmere which are super soft and terribly luxurious. You can get Clarisonic from Brown Thomas, Space NK and House of Faser in Dundrum. They are so worth the money, I promise you will feel a difference in your skin in a couple of weeks and see a difference in four weeks.

Next on the list is Glycolic Acid, this wonder ingredient is young skin in a lotion! There are loads of brands with it in their products but these brands are by far my favourite. Image Skincare is a brand from America which uses ALL the science in their products. But Glycolic is one of the core ingredients in the brand. Again you will see a difference in your skin in a month. They have some brilliant Christmas Gifts this year with really great vanity bags.


NeoStrata is another one of my favourites, their face-wash works amazingly well with my Clarisonic. NeoStrata are one of the world leaders in skin research. They licence some of their findings to some of the worlds biggest companies, like I mean huge brands, household names that everyone knows. But yet not everyone knows about the brand, well you’ve been told!

These type of active skincare are very prescriptive, so you need to log onto their sites to get the low down!
NeoStrata is available nationwide and their website is packed full information check it out here.
IMAGE Skincare is available from approved salons nationwide, check out their site here.


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