Emma Hardie Brilliance Face Oil

It’s rare that when I use a brand on a job that everyone that I use it on comments on it. From ‘Oh that smells amazing’ to ‘My skin feels feels great’ these are the comments that I hear every time I use an Emma Hardie product.

Emma is one of the most sought out facialists in London, I’ve been lucky enough to have a facial with her and it was AMAZING read about it here.

So when Emma brought out her first product in the Amazing Face range, Moringa Balm, in 2009 it instantly became a cult product. As part of the Amazing Face brand Emma has devised a facial technique that you can do at home to keep your skin looking great. I really love the whole range and am often seen in Arnotts or SpaceNK stocking up. Late last year I met with Emma and she gave me an unmarked bottle of her new oil that was not launching until this year, and it quickly became a product I use every time I do makeup. What I love about it is that a) It really works! Leaving skin with a stunning glow b) It smells amazing c) it soaks into the skin beautifully, I’ve been mixing it with foundation to create a lighter textured finish but also creating a stunning healthy glowing looking skin.

The Amazing Face Brilliance Face Oil is packed full of fifteen carefully chosen organic essential and botanical plant oils. Each one was chosen for their powerful anti-ageing properties and their ability to strengthen skin.

It’s available in SpaceNK on Grafton Street, Arnotts on Dublin’s Henry Street or online here. it’s a buy you won’t be disappointed with and its multifunctional.



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