Eight Hour Cream

Eight Hour Cream is the product buy most often. I go though buckets of the stuff! It the best lip hydrator but that’s not all it is good at. It can be used to sooth minor burns, really helps with very dry patches and is basically an all round wonder cream!

But if you, like me, check out Style.com to see what makeup, hair and clothes are showing at fashion week all, over the world you would have seen that for spring 2015 makeup was all about the sheen. Not a highlight sheen but a positively almost wet looking sheen. In my humble opinion this look is so beautiful, I love that there is almost no foundation and just concealer when needed and skin is looking wet, fresh and so very beautiful! I get that not very many people will lather Eight Hour cream all over their face and go out dancing, but using it in specific areas will have you looking fab! It’s also amazing on top of eyeshadow, you will have to mind it a bit but the look is so beautiful it worth the extra few minutes in the loo. I get the fragrance free one, the original has quite a strong smell.



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