Esteé Lauder launches The Little Black Primer

So here’s Kendall Jenner’s first Esteé Lauder campaign video. And I have to say I kinda love it! I was a little dubious about her as the new face of the brand. But I’m over it and think she’s a great addition to the powerhouse that is Esteé Lauder. It’s so smart and brings a whole new client to the brand.

The Little Black Primer is a mascara wearing girls dream come true. It can be used alone as a lighter alternative to mascara, it’s also as the name suggests, a primer for your mascara and last but not least it can be used to set your mascara in place, and believe me that it does! It’s perfect if your mascara always ends up on your cheeks somewhere!

It’s really affordable too, at €24.00. It’s available exclusively at Boots until it hits all counters in March.

Watch the film here



  1. Interesting. I tend to steer clear of black mascara, but if this is a ‘lighter’ sweep of black, then maybe I might give it a shot.

    I’m always on the look out for the perfect mascara, but sadly, I’ve kissed a lot Princes who turned out to be frogs (mascara-wise).

      1. I loved the bobbly headed wand with Diorshow Extase, it actually brushed lashes in different directions. Two weeks later, brush clogs and mascara goes clumpy.

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