It’s all the brows!

There’s an epidemic of terrible brows happening in Ireland. I blame bad bad brow ‘artists’. Ladies your brows should not be the blackest of black when you have blonde hair. They should not be huge when you don’t have huge brows naturally. And most importantly they should not look like you’ve stuck two slugs onto your forehead! It’s so unattractive and not terribly modern! Now, I’m not saying to ignore your brows, they do need to be tended but have someone good do them for you. Kim O’Sullivan is the brow artist that really gets it. Yes your brows are defined and fabulous looking after she works her magic but her work always looks like Mother Nature has given you the most amazing brows, never like you’ve drawn them on with black eye pencil! Check out her work here. My Hazel always goes to Shavata in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum, and her brows are always great! So good in fact that while driving she was so mad about her brows that she saw in the rear view mirror that she forgot to look where she was going and almost killed a poor pizza delivery man!

If going to get your brows done professionally sounds like real torture there are so many brow products on the market. I personally am a fan of pencils, it’s way easier and quite a bit less messy! Stila are launching a brand spanking new pencil to their brow products. This new advanced, long­wearing micro­liner that contains a spoolie brush (that’s a dry mascara wand for those of you not in the know!) end for blending and shaping. It contains their Easy Glide Complex of oils and vitamins enables soft and smooth application, while mica minerals absorb oils to ensure product doesn’t smudge or budge. I’ve tried it of and nothing moves it! It comes in five shades, there’s even a beautiful red one, and costs €21.50. They are also launching a new brow gel, which is a little tricker to apply but works perfectly for people who’s brows just need a little colour. This come with an application brush and spoolie to help you achieve perfect bushy brows, this costs €37.00.

Stila products are available form Harvey Nichols Dundrum, Sam McCauleys Fairgreen Carlow, Sam McCauleys Redmond Square Wexford, Sam McCauleys Tralee Manor West Shopping Centre, Cara Pharmacy Quayside Shopping Centre Sligo and Marks & Spencer’s incredible beauty hall on Mary St, Dublin.



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