Maestro Fusion Makeup, Eye Tint from Giorgio Armani Beauty

Now, these look like they are going to be amazing! I have not got my hands on them yet but I’m loving the idea of them. They have been inspired by the brands amazing Maestro Fusion Makeup. Eye Tint has a unique water/pigment suspension which evenly disperses the finest pearl particles across skin to deliver intense colour, a unique blend-able texture, and ‘no makeup’ feel.

They promise that on application the liquid dries to a smooth even film but without the stickiness that comes with liquid eye shadows so much. They are smudge and crease free and promise to stay in place for 16 hours. They can even be applied as an eyeliner

There are 12 shades to take inspiration from the airy organzas, iridescent silks and rippled moirés in the Giorgio Armani Collections, as well as the palette of the Italian cinema. Each can be blended to create a blown-out colour-wash or a layered for an intense, full-on finish. The precise foam applicator makes application easy. I have a very strong feeling that these will become a staple in my kit along with Maestro Fusion Makeup.

“With its unique colour range, impeccable hold and exceptional comfort, EYE TINT offers so many makeup possibilities: Use as a highlighter to lighten and brighten a natural beauty look, or smudge and blend darker hues to open, enlarge and add drama to eyes.” – Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist.


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