Clinique’s Turnaround Revitalizing Franchise

This brand spanking new collection from Clinique is kinda fab. For ages I’ve ignored the brands Skincare, I’m a huge fan of their eyeliners, particularly their Quickliner for eyes. These little gems blend beautifully and they do not move for love nor money! 

There are five products in the range and the main objective is to get your skin looking radiant. I got them about six weeks ago and tried them out over a period of about four weeks. It just happened that I had the, for one of the busiest periods with lots of travel and many very early mornings and they work! I’ve got loads of complements on my skin, when on the inside all I want to do is sleep. From yesterday I’m trailing another brands new products and it’s the first time in ages that I didn’t want to change my Skincare routine. 

The first of the products on the list is Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil, an incredibly lightweight oil, light enough for me to use twice daily, I have very oily skin and I am always terrified using oils but this one soaks in beautifully without a trace of oiliness. The aim of this oil is to smooth your skin and make it bright. Number two on the list is Turnarounf Revitalizing Serum. It’s aim is to enhance your skins cell renewal. This promises visible results in just two weeks, I noticed results in texture in about a week. The Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturiser is all about your skin having a beautiful glow, be careful not to use too much as there are tiny glitter partials in this so you may end up looking like a disco ball (my Glenn has been known to use way more then the recommended amount of creams and lotions, and with this one he looked rather sparkley of course I didn’t tell him why!). It’s oil free and super lightweight. And it’s available in two hues Rosy Glow and Golden Glow (this is the one I have). There’s a serum and also a heavier night cream in this range both feel really good and as with the whole range melt into your skin in seconds leaving no residue on your skin. Perfect if you’re applying makeup after. Quite possibly the stand out product in the range is the Instant Facial it’s gentle yet super powerful. The super fine exfoliant leaves your skin brighter and feeling softer after one use! That’s me talking not the press release! 

I’ve tested all of these products on my skin for about a month and I genuinely  loved them! They will be available on counter from April 17th. Prices start at €38.00 and the most expensive product in the range, the serum, is €64.00. It’s quite refreshing that a serum that works is priced less then €100.00. 


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