Fancy learning how to make your own fragrance?? is hosting a “perfume-making day” for the complete beginner and it’s the first of its kind in Ireland. This kind of treat has been available in London and Paris for ages but now you can make your own perfume in Dublin! 


Fiona Cook, the brainchild of, a blog for all things fun and smell-relate, is a master when it comes to perfume and now she wants to share some of her expertise with us!

The one day perfume making event where you will learn what goes into making your own fragrance, literally, is happening on May 9th in Dublin.


Sarah at work

As a very special treat PerfumeNotes have renouned London perfumer Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tueadays, a multi award winning micro-perfumery, there on the day to host all the guests. 

Sarah is “an incredibly gifted and entirely off-the-wall self-taught perfumer” according to Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society

And Lila das Gupta of Basenotes says her perfume-making events are a must for anyone who wants to have a perfume education. Book early as places are limited and will sell out.

Is it an expensive day out? Yeah a little, but if like me you like your expensive fragrance it possibly costs about the same as a bottle. But for the €170 you get a day out with one of the worlds most well known perfumers, get to understand fragrance in a way you didn’t before. You really get to understand what perfume notes you like and finally know their names! And of course you’ll get to meet and hang out with Fiona, who is one of my favourite people! 

To book a space log onto or to read more and sign up 


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