Estée Lauders Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme

This magic moisturiser has been available for a couple of months now, I’ve been using it in conjunction with the matching serum, which I have been using for quite a while. I always thing the best way for you to actually believe a writer when talking about products is if they have bought the products themselves. Yes I did get both the serum and the moisturiser from Estée Lauder when they were launched but I have re-purchased the serum, I really love it and within a couple of week of using it my best friend Hazel accused me of have some ‘work’ done. Which I am not adverse to but I have not had anything done in ages! 

Now, the bad new is that they are expensive, the moisturiser is €300 and the serum is €340 but I think they are worth it’ especially the serum! The big news in the ingredient list is one of the natures rarest and science’s most powerful advances both of which promise you profoundly younger looking skin, sounds great doesn’t it!  The Black Diamond Truffle has been transformed it into a precious, energizing extract that’s the heart of Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting/Refinishing Dual Infusion. And now this patent-pending rarity is blended with science’s most powerful advances in an intensely invigorating new creme to power younger-looking contours and visibly rejuvenate skin. 

  Infused with the latest breakthrough in epigenetic skincare, NEW Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme includes advanced youth-sustaining technologies to help slow premature skin ageing through multiple pathways, rejuvenating the look of skin and sustain its youthful appearance. Testing also shows that these patent-pending technologies help increase skin’s natural collagen production by 215% after 72 hours while advanced lifting technologies help preserve and restore skin’s density. Over time, skin looks younger, firmer and more sculpted. Enveloping skin with deep, nourishing hydration. Special hydrating technology works to help improve skin’s ability to hydrate from the inside out for a more lineless, firm, plump look. Over time, skin’s protective barrier is repaired, increasing skin’s resistance to environmental factors that can accelerate ageing. Refined 24K Gold and powerful anti-irritants help ensure skin stays calm, soothed and comfortable while South Sea Pearls help create an instant lustrous, radiant look. Intensely hydrated, skin feels soft, smooth and supple to the touch. 

It really is all kinds of amazing, and for me it’s well worth saving up for, Glenn may be having cereal for dinner for a week or two when I need to restock! 


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