Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection

SpSum15_Look_KateUpton_Sandy_Nudes_CMYKThere is something magical happening at Bobbi Brown. I am a huge fan of nude makeup, i love the simplicity of them. But all too often nude shades are too weak and far too boring. This collection from Bobbi brown is just the perfect amount of nude yet it is far from boring!    Sand_Palette_SS15_CMYK

The eye-shadow collection is really a thing of great beauty. It has the perfect mix of tones a lot of them with a fantastic peachy tone with is just perfect for our Irish skin-tone, they will also make your eyes look brighter, really what’s not to love? They come in a mix of textures, the matte is creamy and blends like a dream and the sheen is not too glittery so perfect for all ages. Although I do not believe that anyone shouldn’t wear glitter just because of a silly little thing like your age! If you love sparkles embrace them, just not all over your lid, maybe try putting it where your pupil would be if your eye was open and blend downwards towards your lash line.

Nail_Polish_Sand_Collection_SS15_CMYKThe nail polishes in this collection are mighty fine, two perfect nude colours one with a pink undertone and another with a peach tone so all skin colours are covered, literally!


The Face and Body Bronzing Duo is fab, it comes in a huge pallette but what is new and different is that they are not your typical orange tones, which I LOVE! They have a pinkish plumish undertone to them, which really gives you a look of being sunkissed and not that you have had a bath in Fanta! It is available in four new shades. The lightest one is perfect for Irish skintones. 

Face_Mist_SS15_CMYKFace Mist is a versatile skin-moisturising
spray that instantly refreshes skin with
vitamins and botanical extracts. More than
a finishing spray, a few spritzes leaves skin
hydrated, soothed and glowing. Featuring
a blend of Green Tea, Chamomile and
Cucumber, this water-based formula
revives and awakens skin, while providing
intense and continuous moisturisation.
Face Mist is formulated with the natural,
soothing scents of Lavender and
Geranium. I have even tried this on top of makeup halfway through a shoot and it freshened it right up!


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