#LoveYourAge Campaign from Advanced Génifique by Lancôme


Since 2009 Lancôme’s Génifique has been pioneering the way for skincare. When it was launched in 2009 nobody knew what an effect this serum would have in the world of skincare. Fast forward to today and we have Advanced Génifique, launched in 2013, the new and improved version, which has won 150 international awards. An incredible 15 million bottles have been sold worldwide, that’s four every minute. Why is it so popular?? Well it was the first serum that was inspired by gene science. Using transcriptomics, which studies gene expression, along with proteomics, which demonstrates their activity via skin protein synthesis, Lancôme was able to identify the signature proteins of young skin.


What’s different about Advanced Génifique is that it is used by women of all ages, it’s not just for prevention, it is about healthy skin whatever your age. It really give your skin a beautiful finish and texture and works magically under makeup! Advanced Génifique has become an icon of Lancôme and to cement its place in their history they have made a cinematic tribute with four of the brands ambassadresses, a first for the  brand. you can watch the movie here.


Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz and Lily Collins are all featured in the video and the print campaign. Each of them looking rather spectacular with the most incredible skin, I particularly think Lupita looks so beautiful, simple yet effortlessly elegant.


Lancôme wants to male this the summer, if we ever get a summer, of #LoveYourAge and would love you to share what makes you feel beautiful today. This is a great campaign so positive and fresh, so let’s get on that and make this the summer of #LoveYourAge and #LancomeIreland


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