Yon-Ka Giveaway

Excellence Code Creme - pot vue plongeante - HD (2)To celeberate the launch of Yon-Ka’s brand spanking new Excellence Code I have one to give away! All you have to do is re-tweet and or share, leave your name in the comments below amd tell me how many essential oils are in the Quintessence, the blend of  essential oils which have a wide field of action and is used in 70% of the brand’s products.

Good Luck everyone!!

Leonard x

.(Clue: the answer is in today’s earlier post!!)


33 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie Feery says:

    Five 🙂 would love Love LOVE this♡♥♡♥♡ a little piece of pure luxury right there! As a busy working mama to a wild two year old, this would be just the lil pick me up & element of TLC my skin needs…Heres hoping!★♣xxx

  2. Jean Dolphin says:

    There are five oils. This cream sounds fab and there is something so relaxing about their scents in the products…

  3. remeneerb says:

    Five oils, what a lovely giveaway. I love Yon-Ka products but i have never tried this before xx

  4. remeneerb says:

    Five oils…lovely prize. Yon-Ka products are great but i have never tried this one…..badly needed for my ageing skin!!

  5. Emma Buttimer says:

    There are 5 essential oils included!Keeping my fingers crossed for this beautiful prize!!You do spoil us!

  6. Tracey kelliher says:

    And I will so five cartwheels if I win this fabulous prize!

    1. Leonard Daly says:

      Congratulations Tracey, I’ll expect to see a video of your five cartwheels! Can you email me your address @ leonarddaly@gmail.com and I’ll get it out to you.

  7. Rhoda McDonald says:

    There is 5 oils 😍😍😍.Amazing prize 😘 Yon-Ka products it’s like a piece of heaven in a jar. Loved and shared on facebook.

  8. Dave Malone says:

    % oils, lovely prize giveaway

  9. evpow says:

    Evelyn Corry here loving this giveaway, Fabulous prize, Yon-Ka products are amazing 🙂

  10. Brid Doyle says:

    5 oils… would love to win !!

  11. Sandra Newman says:

    5. Super giveaway! Have my finger crossed!

  12. C Mortu says:

    5 oils
    Super fabulous prize 😍

  13. Roberto Mortu says:

    5 oils
    What an amazing and generous prize!!!!

  14. Blend of five essential oils. That Yon-Ka cream costs nearly what my ”income” is each week !

  15. Eimear Kirby says:

    There are 5 essential oils. Would love to try this!

  16. Mari Barron says:

    5 – would be fab!

  17. Daniela Simmons says:

    Five!!!! Would love this!!!

  18. Mirjana says:

    Five oils 🙂 Fantastic prize.

  19. Evelyn Byrne says:

    Fab prize!!

  20. Darcy Cameron says:

    There are 5 oils 🙂

  21. Peter homan says:

    five oils. I need to stop anti ageing process, or at least help it along 🙂

  22. Joy Appleby says:

    5 👍 would love this x

  23. Lisa Hyland says:

    Five Leonard x

  24. Terrie says:


  25. Finola Casey says:

    A magnificent 5!!!

  26. Orla says:

    Five,love yonks, my fav products….

  27. Traci Byrne says:

    Five , need this like now 😊

  28. five oils, we’ll give it a lash jack! or lenoard

  29. Lucie furlong says:

    5 essential oils 😀

  30. karen says:

    Five essential Oils

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