Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes To Mesmerise


Over the past 18 months Charlotte Tilbury has become a household name, of course a lot of people would have know her work and not necessarily her name as she literally has worked on ALL the stars and works backstage at loads of shows at fashion week internationally. Since the Charlotte Tilbury counter launched in Brown Thomas it has been heaving with clients, and I imagine other brands are feeling the loss.


Part of the reason that the counter is so busy is the way that Charlotte marketed her products, there are 10 ‘looks’ ranging from minimal makeup ‘The Ingenue’ to full on ‘The Rebel’ and everything in-between. Also there are video tutorials to go along with each look and you can buy the look complete. I have heard “I want The Bombshell look’ from quite a few men in Brown Thomas and in my head I was saying ‘I am sure you do chicken!!’. So this system really makes it easy for someone to buy the complete look for themselves or as a gift. It’s really genius.


For me these new long-wear cream shadows are the best product that the brand has launched. They feel wonderful, set incredibly and the last last on the eye. This is the true test of a cream shadow and test them I did.

“This new-to-market cream-to-sheen formula is a dream for makeup artists and makeup novices alike. Backstage, I used to mix a balm with powder eye shadow to create the perfect wet look eye that I wanted. Whilst this looked great on camera, in reality the application would not endure real life wear. Now I have the ultimate liquid-cream high-sheen formulation which gives you intense colour without creasing. It blends like a dream and glides on for a luminous, youthful and mesmerising eye.” Charlotte Tilbury

Marie Antoinette

There are six colours available, all of which have been inspired by historical women who’s eyes mesmerised. Cleopatra – a vibrant smoky peacock shade inspired by one of the most powerful women in history. The allure of her eyes still awe-inspires 2000 years after she ruled as Queen of Egypt and are the subject of the classic Elizabeth Taylor film which, in turn, has influenced the fashion and beauty world ever since. Jean – a sparkling, shimmering gold pink champagne in homage to Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. Despite only living for thirty years, both Marilyn and Jean’s legendary status, sex appeal, mysticism and filmstar flutter give them eternal iconic status and appeal. This shade perfectly off-sets crystal blue eyes. Marie Antoinette – a soft, golden mink hue to echo the sensual femininity of Marie Antoinette who enraptured the entire French court, many of whom succumbed to her powers and could not say no. All those who knew her were instantly infatuated by her beautiful silver-blue eyes and even after her tragic end, she still holds the art, fashion and film worlds in a hypnotising trance. Veruschka – a mink khaki in homage to one of the most seductive beauties of the 1960s and 70s, Veruschka. Her iconic feline eye, designed to emulate that of the wild cat, kick-started the trend and is loved and celebrated by the fashion and beauty industry still today. The khaki-grey shade is designed to mimick the hue she so often wore to bring out her silvery blue eyes. Bette – a wash of burnished chocolate inspired by one of the greatest icons in silver screen history, Bette Davis, known for her powerfully piercing and steely eyes. She is one of the most powerful presences to ever grace film and theatre and her appeal is immortal. Mona Lisa – a warm, amber bronze in homage to the world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa’s lover’s gaze holds the power of unbreakable eye contact through a genius technique, invented by Leonardo da Vinci, called sfumato – you could call it the original smoky eye! This warm, hazy tone creates the same soft-focussed, smoky eye effect on the upper eyelid for a flawless, smooth finish.

Mona Lisa

Eyes to Mesmerise is available at and Brown Thomas (Dublin). Eyes to Mesmerise costs €29.00 and they are    on counter now.


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