Is this the future??


Every dermatologist, makeup artist, beauty therapist, really everybody working in the ‘skin’ industry tells you to wear an SPF every day. Its anti-ageing it protects our skin and prevents skin cancer. But what strength of SPF should we be using? How often should we be applying it?


Well now there’s wearable tech that actually measures UVA and UVB exposure and it sends an update to your phone that tells you that you have reached the maximum amount of exposure for the day and you’re likely to get burned/sun damaged. JUNE is the ultimate beauty gadget that helps prevent premature skin-aging.
JUNE’s stylish bracelet, with UVA and UVB sensors acts as a personalised beauty coach, measuring your actual sun exposure and sends real-time notifications to tell you when and how they should protect their skin. We always protect our skin while we are all n holiday or if by some miracle we actually get a summers day, but what we don’t always realise is that even on a horrid grey day there are UV Rays in the atmosphere that will damage your skin. This is exactly why JUNE is perfect for us.


JUNE facetted centerpiece includes UVA and UVB sensors that measure precisely the UV the skin receives. The App computes the data so that you know in real time the UV index that you’re exposed to. Taking into account their skin type and the measured UV index, JUNE tracks your daily sun dose. If 100% of the daily sun dose is reached, a sunburn will appear. JUNE alerts its users when high levels of their sun dose are reached so that they keep away from the 100%.
The first time you open JUNE’s App you will answer a quick beauty questionnaire including the color of your eyes and of your hair. That will allow the App to define your skin type according to Fitzpatrick scale going from a skin type 1 (fairest) to 6 (darker skin). Considering that skin type JUNE will be able to act as a true beauty coach and send you tailored notifications on how to protect your skin, following the WHO recommendations. You will receive notifications on the minimum level of SPF you should apply, when you should apply and re-apply it.
In the morning, JUNE offers a forecast showing the maximum UV level that should be expected and gives the recommendations of what you should be bringing with you SPF, sunglasses or a hat. I think this is magic, especially in a country where skin cancer has been on the rise for the past 10 years and also because I stuck at 34 and would like to stay there for a few more years! And being protected from UV Rays will certainly help me with my endeavours.


JUNE is available exclusoivly in Space NK on Grafton street or you can purchase online here.


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